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The Ellucian Training Videos will be available until September 2022.  Please note that this training is not applicable for students but for staff only, thanks

Step 1 is to set up an Ellucian account. Your Ellucian account is completely separate from your log in information for your Acadia account.  Your chosen credentials may already be in use but this does not necessarily indicate that you have an account.  If you have not set one up then you do not have one.  This step will provide access to on demand training.  The preferred browser for this site is Chrome.  Using another may cause problems with access:

Set up an Ellucian account or log in here

We have access to the Ellucian training library for the next 18 months.  Once you set up an Ellucian account we can provide access to on demand courses that will help with the training in Colleague Student.  

Step 2 is to follow the steps below to find the library.  The last step will bring you to the basic navigation course.

• Click on Resources at the top of the page
• Click on Training in middle under knowledge
• Scroll down to “Explore Training by Product”
• Under Colleague click Technical
• There should be 2 courses on that page, the one of the far Right is Colleague Navigation, Features and Functionality

Step 3 is to investigate courses that may be helpful in your functional area.  This will help you to get a better idea of the system, how it flows and how to perform different functions.