Course Scheduling

Generates an efficient schedule according to instructor, space, and student requirements
Collaborative planning and scheduling environment –
• Enhances departmental section planning
• Can ease scheduling bottlenecks
• Maximizes student access and analyzes demand for courses
• Recognizes faculty preferences for time and place - Optimizes room scheduling best fit based on capacity, location preferences, and physical characteristics
• Offers an intuitive and customizable interface
• Can roll-over schedules from previous years, editing instead of starting from scratch
• Interactive scheduling tools and time-saving automated processes

Timeline for Course Scheduling

Department Training – November 2021
Real Data Entry for Departments – December 2021
Live Production for Course Scheduling –January 2022

Exam Scheduling

Creating a quality schedule using student registration data and customizable constraint settings.
• Eliminates direct conflicts and minimizes alternate exams
• Can schedule large exams in rooms near each other
• Optimizes room and seat utilization
• Shortens production time to allow for changes, refinements

Timeline for Exam Scheduling

The December 2021 exam schedule will be produced using INFOSILEM.
Live production for Exam Scheduling – September 2021