Project News

Last week the Ellucian team led a weeklong workshop on admissions design. Several stakeholders shared their requirements to help inform this configuration.

Ellucian will be running a week long workshop on registration design. Several stakeholders will discuss the needs in this area to ensure that the design provides high value.

The project team, in conjunction with Ellucian and several stakeholders, concluded the workshops for financial aid.

Financial aid is the next functional area that will be configured. As mentioned previously, the workshops provide the technical answers for our team to then build out the system to best meet the needs specific to Acadia.

This week the project team is engaged with various colleagues and our vendor partner in completing the second workshop series on curriculum design.

The project team continues to move forward with the configuration of the Colleague Student Information system. As with all of us here at Acadia, our implementation partner, Ellucian, has moved all meetings to virtual.