Project News

There are 9 multi-day configuration sessions booked between now and October 22. These sessions will bring key stakeholders, the project team and specialty consultants from Ellucian together to start to design the new system.

The project team is currently working on Colleague Core with the vendor, Ellucian. Core is the foundation upon which all the modules of Colleague rely.

The Ellucian discovery sessions have now been completed. This process enabled our vendor to better understand our systems now in place and to determine what is required to move to the Colleague Student system.

We are excited to share with you that the last Ellucian discovery session will be completed as of today.

We launched a new application and communication system called Slate. The system allows our enrollment services team to interact with prospective students in a more meaningful way.

Our implementation vendor was on site to launch Project ACE. Ellucian is our partner as we prepare for, and execute, the change to Colleague student.

The Acadia Colleague Enhancement(ACE) project has kicked off! The launch meeting featured presentations from President Ricketts and the steering committee.