Project News

The project team were part of another workshop with Ellucian and other Acadia stakeholders to begin the process of configuring the accounts receivable and cash receipts section of the new Colleague system.

The project team continues to work with Ellucian and Acadia stakeholders to configure the various aspects of the student information system.

This week brings yet another busy set of workshops for the team. There is a week-long workshop on academic records management design as well as a session on financial aid.

Last week the Ellucian team led a weeklong workshop on admissions design. Several stakeholders shared their requirements to help inform this configuration.

Ellucian will be running a week long workshop on registration design. Several stakeholders will discuss the needs in this area to ensure that the design provides high value.

The project team, in conjunction with Ellucian and several stakeholders, concluded the workshops for financial aid.