Project News

The Project ACE team continues to spearhead the efforts to move the project forward. We have now re-engaged the survey process so many of you will be asked to complete one to help inform our communication and training programs.

A large group from Acadia worked with a consultant from Ellucian to establish the exacting details of Curriculum management on the new system. This effort will contribute to the success of our implementation.

The Project ACE team is delaying sending out the surveys to participants for a few weeks to allow people to adjust to the new way of working.

Executive Director, Technology Services. Project Sponsor.

One of the important roles of the steering committee is to assess and manage risk to the project. Clearly the COVID-19 virus has presented a challenge, as it has for our everyday lives.

The team has been very active in preparing to move critical data into the new system.It is imperative that this process be done carefully and with precision to protect the integrity of the data.